Scanpst.exe is a utility used to correct MS Outlook PST files. Scanpst can partially fix internal PST file database issues however in most cases you'll have to try a alternative party Scanpst.exe tool.

It's possible to split PST mailboxes into different files located locally or on the network driver. However , although a network driver might appear like a local drive (drive mapping) network drive not offers the same performance like a local one (i.e. C drive). Therefore Outlook may face problems to get hold of the PST file situated on the network server understanding that may lead ultimately to corrupt PST file which require a repair with scanpst.exe

If this kind of failure happens, it is possible to reinstate your PST file mailbox first with backup software that's daily backup within your network storage. However, considering that the mailbox data might have some crucial business data you might don't want to lose even a day of work.

If restoring the mailbox data located in your inaccessible PST file is crucial, you can look at and make use of the Scanpst.exe utility. Scanpst.exe location is within your Outlook installation folder (You may find it under the default installation folder i.e. c:\program files). If you can't find it the best is just to operate the search program in order to find the scanpst.exe directly.

Typical PST errors:

"The file F:\archive.pst is not an personal folders file."

(you are able to replace the letter F with your own personal network drive letter).

Cause for the PST error:

The above mentioned error shows that Outlook cannot see the PST database since it is corrupt. The file does not have valid database structure. Another possible cause is that you simply function not have access to network connection to the PST file. If that's the case it is very simple to solve it and simply call your network administrator to fix it.

Please take into consideration that Outlook PST database file wasn't built to work with slow connections for example network drives. Most of the time the link is slowing during saving data or file closing which in many times cause data lose and PST file corruption.

Can Scanpst.exe solve it?

Scanpst.exe is an extremely limited solution. In many cases it fails but since it's a free tool you better run it first bear in mind, first rule before starting a recovery process is definitely backup. You wouldn't want to damage the file much more than the current state than it. So please develop a copy of your PST file and let scanpst.exe make an effort to fix the copy only.

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